Joe "com3" Salas

In a nutshell: Thinks he knows it all (and really does!).
Born: 1981
Hobbies: Riding, Hockey, Climbing.
Favorite track: Oregon Raceway Park
Dream bike: Honda Africa Twin (no DCT!)
Addicted to: Vaping
The beginning of lenswork: 2002
Quote: "[expletive deleted]"
Philosophy in life: Take it as it's dealt...but be sure to dish out some of your own.
Wants to fight: George Bush
Why 4theriders? I wanted to do something that I loved. I started 4theriders because I've been riding forever...and when I started taking pictures with a point-and-shoot so many years ago, I decided that I loved taking photos... combine the 2? YESSS!!! :D

It's my passion. And the name came about because I wanted to provide a service to those that share the same passion, but I wanted it to also be affordable. I do this not just because I love it, but because other people love it as well! Who doesn't like seeing pictures of themselves doing what they love?

That's why.

Kevin "Captain Pie" Fanady

In a nutshell: Has an obsession with cats and video cameras.
Born: 1982
Hobbies: Film, Photos, Riding (and catnip)
Favorite track: Infineon Raceway
Dream bike: 1997 Thunderace
Addicted to: Building computers
The beginning of lenswork: 1999
Quote: "C'mon, you can go faster!"
Philosophy in life: Be kind, even to strangers. You don't know what they are going through.
Wants to fight: Grimace from McDonalds... WTF is he anyway??
Why 4theriders? I like to tell stories. Telling stories through video is a challenge, and I love challenges, I love video, so this is perfect for me.

Brianna "BriBri" Denny

In a nutshell: Meow
Born: 1991
Hobbies: Sleeping and beer
Favorite track: Oregon Raceway Park
Dream bike: Yamaha R3
Addicted to: Glitter
The beginning of lenswork: 2018
Quote: "That's the way the cookie crumbles."
Philosophy in life: Live it.
Wants to fight: Carbs.
Why 4theriders? Because the owner of 4theriders is way cuter than the owner of ________ [insert any other track photography company].

Tomas "Toe" Covinha
In a nutshell: Just a n00b.
Born: 1985
Hobbies: Riding and being a poser.
Favorite track: Thunderhill and Infineon
Dream bike: KTM RC8
Addicted to: Buying aftermarket parts and Sour Airhead candy
The beginning of lenswork: 2007
Quote: "I need to deuce!"
Philosophy in life: It's better to try something and fail at it, then to never try at all.
Wants to fight: Tom Cruise
Why 4theriders? I love anything to do with motorcycles and there is no better way to capture a moment than with a photo.

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